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At Sky News Arabia we aim to empower the next generation of journalists, digital experts, documentary makers, and media professionals.

Whether you are starting a career in media, or eager to sharpen your skills, the Academy has over 30 courses in four main categories: Digital Media, Technology Operations, Television Production, and Radio Production.

Through a broad range of courses, from mobile journalism and video editing through to digital and social media, graphic design and photography, we aim to provide the new generation and professionals with the skills they need to thrive in the world of media, or use media skills effectively to succeed in their chosen profession.

"We welcome you to the Sky News Arabia Academy – a new initiative to inspire talent, develop skills and create opportunities in the media industry. The Academy also aims to empower professionals, to keep our region up to date with the speed of development and provide people with the media skills they need to thrive in business.

The Sky News Arabia Academy has a vital role to play in the ensuring sustainable development of the media industry - a sector which is undergoing a rapid transformation. We believe that investment in innovations, tools and technology is important but by unlocking human potential, we will shape the future of our sector.

We nurture and empower the next generation of talent and we promote the importance of media skills as a fundamental skill for all in order to contribute to an advanced and successful society."

Nart Bouran

Chief Executive Officer