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Media and digital platforms play a huge role in our society today, so it is fundamental that people take advantage of the opportunities that media presents for career and professional development and know how to use modern media platforms wisely.


The Sky News Arabia Academy offers the opportunity to learn new skills, advance your media and digital capabilities, enhance current skillsets, or turn a passion into a career.


Whether you are starting a career in media, or eager to sharpen your skills, the Academy has over 30 courses in four main categories: Digital Media, Technology Operations, Television Production, and Radio Production.



Do you want to be comfortable in front of the camera; a dynamo in digital production; excel in editing, or master new media skills? Our training courses can help you do just that. Sky News Arabia Academy can equip you with the core skills of journalism, media, graphic design, and filming, as well as documentary making and crisis management.


We also offer specialised, tailored courses for individuals who already have flourishing careers. To see how we can help you or your organization, contact us today at snaacademy@skynewsarabia.com


 Reach for the sky with Sky News Arabia.