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Ramia Ali

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Your voice is your identity

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Ramia Ali

I have been a Media and voiceover expert at the Arab and international levels for more than fifteen years.
I worked in several radio and television stations as a presenter and news producer, till landing in my favorite channel, Sky News Arabia, where I leveraged my voice in its various energy and aspects. I give to each story a color and to every story a special sound imprint that takes you directly to the desired goal.
Today, I am the “accredited” voice for many official and private institutions, international organizations, tourist destinations and famous brands.

What inspired you?
Since an early stage in my childhood, I discovered the value of the voice and its importance in giving an important imprint to the speaking personality, especially for someone who wants to be an influential public or media figure. I decided then to put all my efforts into continuously training and refining my voice till making of it a trading mark.

What courses will you be offering?
Through my courses, you will learn about a set of information, basic rules, and important exercises that can enrich your audio experience and make it reach the recipient in a professional way.
Part of what we will cover includes the following:
Voice and breathing techniques
Arabic audio
Determine the voice and its capabilities
Fundamentals of vocal development
vocal performance

What advice would you give to the SNA Academy community?
The tone of your voice incarnates your personality and makes you recognizable by everyone, so leave your voice mark wherever you go.
Be a reference in your media speeches and be influential across all media platforms.

Courses Coming Soon!