Editorial Translation in the News WorldEditorial Translation in the News World

Editorial Translation in the News World

WithNancy Tabet
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4 Days
4 hours per day
Editorial translation is an integral part of journalism, with the rise of breaking news across the globe, journalists often find it necessary to translate news from its primary source to ensure speed and accuracy in conveying developments and producing relevant content.


  • Introduction to editorial translation.
  • Learn the basic skills of editorial translation.
  • Compare source text and target text, in Arabic and English.
  • Understand grammatical rules and idioms in each language.
  • Produce text that appears to be written in the target language.


Course Outline:

  • An introduction to the translation tools available today.
  • Adapt content in line with news writing to convey the sense and nuances of text in the target language.
  • Enhance knowledge of the use of technology in translation.


Target audience:

Students and anyone interested in journalism, news and translation



Upon completion of the course, trainees will receive an official certificate qualified from Sky News Arabia Academy.

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