Producing News BulletinsProducing News Bulletins

Producing News Bulletins

WithYehia Khair Aldeen

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Abu Dhabi
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4 Days
4 hours per day
A newsroom hosts a number of media specialists with different roles, from news editors writing stories, reporting department collating external stories and news, and the planning department preparing coverage of important events, to a specialized department for introducing guests, providing information, analytics and updates. Ultimately, all these parts work together to support the news bulletin. However, it is the news producers who prepare the news bulletin and coordinate all those parts. This course will outline a news producer’s responsibilities, from checking news to timekeeping and maintaining editorial policy.


  • Understand news bulletin preparation, from headline writing to conclusions.
  • How to build news bulletins and maintain its logical order?
  • Understand the basics of choosing topics, reporters and guests, and how to coordinate with anchors on asking questions and more.

Course Outline:

  • The traits of news producers.
  • How to build news bulletin from scratch?
  • How to write news bulletin headlines?
  • How to assign topics to choose guests?
  • Coordinating with departments.
  • Collaborating with directors and technicians within the studio.


Who is the target audience for this course?

  • Journalists eager to learn the skills of news bulletin production.
  • Media graduates seeking knowledge on news bulletin preparation.
  • Anyone interested in knowing how newsrooms work.



Upon completion of the course, trainees will receive an official certificate qualified from Sky News Arabia Academy.

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