WithAhmed Al-Agha

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Abu Dhabi
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5 days
3 hours per day
Voiceover is an art that requires talent and special voice quality, in addition to some learned techniques. In this course, we will explore how voiceover artists adjust their tone based on the material, including cartoon films, documentaries, series and dubbing.


  • To read all forms of texts.
  • Learn to prepare scripts properly before reading, including the division of the text and pausing.
  • Improve verbal articulation and pronunciation through specific exercises.
  • Understand how to breathe correctly during reading.
  • How to handle live broadcasts or on-air problems.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the participants.


 Course outline:

  • Read a variety of texts properly.
  • Gain practical experience in vocal arts.
  • Gain experience in radio from A to Z.
  • Each trainee will have their own audio recording at the end of the course.

Target audience:

Voiceover professionals or talents, and journalism and media graduates.



Upon completion of the course, trainees will receive an official certificate qualified from Sky News Arabia Academy.