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WithBassem Kamel

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Sky News Arabia - Abu Dhabi
23 - 24 May, 2024
2 Days
4 to 9 pm
The podcast is no longer limited to voiceover experts, but has become available to all talented people that have stories and ideas. How can you become one of the distinguished in this field? How can your voice and content make a difference in this field?



To be able to create a successful podcast starting from the idea to the publishing and marketing


Course outline:

What is a podcast

Why has the podcast become the most popular journalistic format?

Podcasts in numbers

Types of podcasts and how to choose the appropriate one

The duration of the podcast

Equipment needed to produce podcasts  

Podcast recording with minimal capabilities

Publishing and promoting podcasts

Building and maintaining a relationship with the public


Targeted audience: 

Whoever is interested in Media and wants to gain the needed skills for the podcast creation


Certificate and Graduation Projects:

Upon completion of the course, Trainees will be able to have their own project, and they will receive a certificate from Sky News Arabia Academy.