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Abu Dhabi
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3 Days
4 hours per day
Writing for digital and supporting media. In the world of the digital, millions of websites compete to attract the largest readership, and through this course, participants will learn how to enter this competition by training in the nature of website writing, identifying target audiences, and providing material quickly and accurately, supported by multimedia that increases its appeal, such as video clips or photo albums.


Writing for the Digital and supporting Media course includes an intensive 3-day training, covering both theoretical and practical aspects, regarding the nature of writing for websites and how they differ from print journalism.

The course also aims at training participants in different press coverages and how to adapt them to the digital world, as well as how to select the angles that attract the largest readership.


  • Learning how to write for websites and what distinguishes it from writing for television or paper.
  • Identifying factors that help journalists succeed in electronic journalism.
  • Identifying news sources in electronic journalism, and the importance of checking them out.
  • Identifying the target audience and the angles that suit it and attract as many readers as possible.
  • Identifying the types of coverages for electronic journalism and the different ways of writing.
  • Learning how to use social media as a source of news or as support to support the news content.
  • Learning the basic skills of mobile journalism, to be able to produce complete reports using only a mobile phone.
  • Participants will also be able to produce professional filmed reports using only mobile phones.

Target Audience 

  • For those wishing to provide successful electronic content.
  • For graduates of media colleges and institutes.
  • For candidates for different media outlets.
  • For those wishing to develop their media skills and for staff involved in media programs.



Upon completion of the course, trainees will receive an official certificate qualified from Sky News Arabia Academy.


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