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Nuha Omar

Writing, editing and producing videos for the website.
Digital Media

You (as a journalist) have the power to shed light on what may be hidden.

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Nuha Omar

Noha Omar started her journalistic career as a television reporter and program producer, then worked as a multimedia journalist upon moving to "Sky News Arabia", where she writes, edits and produces videos for the website, and manages a team of journalists to cover the news firsthand.

During her career, she also worked as a reporter for the site, and an interviewer for politicians and Arab and international stars in the field of art and sports.


What training courses will you offer at the academy?

Electronic Journalism Course: Learn how to write in the world of digital, and produce the media that supports it, including photos or videos.


What inspired you to work in the media field?

The journalist's ability to shed light on what may be hidden, and the people's dependence on him to convey events and tell stories.


What advice would you give to young students looking to enter the field of media and television?

A set of factors constitute a successful journalist, the most important of which is to develop your skills through practical training, follow events first, develop your general culture of reading, and broaden your horizons by learning about everything new in the world of journalism.

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Digital Journalism
Digital Journalism
27 - 29
Trainer :
Nuha Omar
Abu Dhabi
3 Days
4 hours per day
Writing for digital and supporting media.