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Bassem Kamel

Bassem Kamel

Radio Production

For more than thirty years, Bassem Kamel worked in the field of journalism and media, as a journalist, broadcaster and editor-in-chief. He worked in various fields, beginning with television to radio written and digital press. He worked in a group of major media institutions, headed by BBC and Sky News Arabia, which he took over its broadcasting management after working with television since the founding of the station. He founded the podcast, and supervised the training of a large group of journalists and broadcasters to enter this field. He also provided many practical training courses for journalists and broadcasters in various Arab countries and press institutions.

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Mastering Podcast
Mastering Podcast
Trainer :
Bassem Kamel
1 Day
4 hours
The podcast is no longer limited to voiceover experts, but has become available to all talented people that have stories and ideas. How can you become one of the distinguished in this field? How can your voice and content make a difference in this field?