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TV Presenting course image
25 - 3
Jul - Aug

TV Presenting

Yehia Khair Aldeen
WithYehia Khair Aldeen , Chantal Saliba
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Abu Dhabi دورة مسائية
8 days
10 hours
Dreaming of being on TV? This course is the first step to realizing that dream. Learn basic TV presenting skills in a real work environment with voice and language training, understand what goes into prepping for a news bulletin, and gain invaluable experience in front of the camera, addressing the audience, and moderating conversations with guests. At the end of this course you will be able to record a short news bulletin



  • Learn the basic knowledge and skills needed for TV presenting
  • Deal with the camera, and co-ordinating with a production team
  • Knowledge of broadcasting for television. At the end of the course, each trainee will be able to record a short news bulletin


Course outline:


  • Body language and communication, with Chantal Saliba: Learn how to deal with the camera in TV and live interviews; how to use voice, breathe
  • Conducting political interviews; how to prepare for newscasts and interviews
  • Working in a newsroom, with Trainer Yahya Khaireddin: Learn editorial basics, elements of a news bulletin; types of guests and how to choose them
  • Breaking news and coverage; how to coordinate with a production team;
  • The principles of news analysis and question writing; mistakes to avoid


Target audience:


Media and Political Science graduates, social media influencers, those with an interest in presenting

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