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Public Speaking

Yehia Khair Aldeen
WithYehia Khair Aldeen
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Abu Dhabi
4 days
10 hours
Public speaking is no longer limited to speakers or influential politicians. Speeches are part of our everyday life. Students will learn how to create a confident presence in front of media or audiences, and understand how to prepare structured speeches, utilize body language, voice and visual communication to attract, engage and convince audiences. The course combines theoretical explanation and practical training related to writing and delivering speeches, as well as conducting media interviews. The course provides a unique experience that will help students to overcome public speaking anxiety, and exude confidence during media and TV interviews.



How to confidently master public speaking.

How to write and give engaging speeches.

Types of speeches and their pros and cons.

Mastering the skill of media communications.


Course outline:


  • Ways to overcome public speaking anxiety.
  • Writing convincing and information-based speeches.
  • Using body language and visual communication during speeches.
  • Controlling and utilizing voice to impact the audience.
  • Preparing for media and TV interviews .



Target audience


Anyone interested in speaking confidently in front of audiences.

Those seeking to give unique and impactful speeches.

People aiming to convince and engage the audience.

Those aspiring to develop their media communications skills.

People who want their suggestions to be accepted.

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