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Video Editing course image
14 - 22

Video Editing

Tareq Al-Salqan
WithTareq Al-Salqan
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Abu Dhabi
7 Days
10 hours
Get a glimpse into the rules and the relationship between filming and video editing, while also providing tutorials on editing software a detailed explanation of Premiere Pro’s tools and application.


  • How to use editing software, including:
  • How to add transitions and audio
  • Learn how to add professional and modern titles (with motion)
  • Enhance audio and finding music
  • Understand Colour correction
  • How to add visual effects
  • Learn editing with green screen (Chroma key)
  • Rendering high-quality videos suitable for all devices

Course outline:


  • The art and techniques of video editing, using professional and effective methods, using the correct settings to open projects using any form of video and camera.
  • Participants will learn to edit their own documentary using available materials including video, photos, graphics music and personal footage.


Target audience:


Media graduates, anyone with an interest in video editing and production, and those looking for a career in media or social media.


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