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7 - 11

Radio Documentaries Production

Amr Gamil
WithAmr Gamil
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Abu Dhabi
5 Days
3 hours per day
Radio documentaries are a rich and rewarding medium for storytelling, often using interviews, commentary and original music compositions all in one piece. This training course will provide students with the necessary knowledge and ability to produce documentaries for radio news.



To offer an understanding of radio documentaries, and train students to make engaging content: covering everything from ideation and researching the right sources, to execution and production of a complete documentary.



Course outline:


What is radio documentary?

 The importance of radio documentaries.

 Choosing the idea: Why this idea? Will it be of interest to the audience? How to tackle the topic?


  • Researching sources: Where to find sources and how to fact-check information.


  • Information gathering and the scenario-building stage.


  • Information processing: Identifying participants, guests, the required archival material and music.


  • Interview recording and editing.


  • Writing conclusions.


  • Voiceover and elocution.


  • Obstacles and challenges.


Target audience:


Documentary enthusiasts, aspiring production journalists and those looking to improve their storytelling skillset.

Journalism, media, arts and social sciences graduates, as well as non-academics and beginners with a passion for radio and storytelling.

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