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Motion Graphics Design & VFXMotion Graphics Design & VFX

Motion Graphics Design & VFX

WithTamer Saadwey
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Abu Dhabi
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5 Days
4 hours per day
Get acquainted to effective communication skill using motion graphics, including its application in the areas of film titles, broadcast, commercial design and interactive media. Learn the use of industry standard tools for motion design, video animation and compositing. Emphasis on key frame animation, basic motion design, audio integration, effects, 3D space and compositing. Participants will work extensively with video footage, still images, and audio assets to create ads, promos, and general video content.


  • You will learn the correct way to produce a complete video professionally.
  • Motion graphics video production stages.
  • How to disassemble and save Illustrator files.
  • How to arrange scenes within the after Effects?
  • Animating the scenes professionally.
  • Dealing with a complete project with every view.
  • Professional transitions between scenes.
  • How to add effects to the project?
  • Project extraction method.
  • Fixing shaky footage.
  • Green Screen.
  • Tracking the footages and compositing.

Course outline: 

This course will teach you to produce a complete animation in a practical and professional manner. We shall walk together on the professional path, where you learn how to organize files, animate and create professional transitions between scenes. The course is an introduction to intermediate level - it is preferable for those who are familiar with the After Effects software to get the most benefit from the course. We will be deconstructing AI files and animating them. In this course you’ll learn how to create motion graphics going through all the steps needed to start creating beautiful animation & infographics.  


Target audience:

  • Participants who are aware of the basics of After Effects.
  • Participants who are interested in Motion graphic field.



Upon completion of the course, trainees will receive an official certificate qualified from Sky News Arabia Academy.