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Visual Storytelling course image
17 - 21

Visual Storytelling

Hassanien  Moawad
WithHassanien Moawad
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Abu Dhabi
5 Days
10 hours
 Visual storytellers often ask the question ’what story am I trying to tell, and how can I tell it more effectively using the resources at hand’? From directing and producing, to film-making and cinematography, this course covers everything from how to optimise tools from basic equipment to professional cinematography techniques, and video editing using Premiere Pro.


  • Help answer storytelling questions by covering the basic principles of cinematic filming
  • To look at projects from a professional cinematographer’s view
  • Learn the cinematic lighting techniques and editing methods to create stunning next-level video


Course outline:


  • How to create a mood board and prepare scenes for filming.
  • How to use the camera and understand its settings for professional photography.
  • Learn the art of photography and how to choose the right lens for shooting desired scenes.
  • Learn camera angles and how to use a Gimbal for fast action shots. 
  • Learn the basics of lighting and how to create a different mood with lighting for each scene in your story.
  • Voice recording and how to record sound properly.
  • Editing a story from start to final production stage.
  • How to choose music and edit it into your montage.
  • How to use colour to achieve a cinematic effect
  • How to adapt videos for use on social media sites.


Target audience:


Students, content creation enthusiasts, and anyone interested in learning filmmaking and content creation for social media.