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17 - 19

News and Fact Checking

Walid Al-Laham
WithWalid Al-Laham
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3 days
10 hours
Fake news and rumours are not a new issue – but controversy has increased with the emergence of social media as a news source for a large segment of the public. The circulation of fake news has the potential to create major security issues and even change the course of history. This course will enable journalists and students to identify and fact-check fake news using the best available technologies, in addition to applying the logic of journalism and narration when dealing with news, photos, and videos.



  • To understand the significance of journalistic verification
  • Apply the logic of journalism when verifying news
  • How to use Google products to verify information
  • Know the difference between false news and misinformation
  • Learn to use the software for verifying images
  • How to verify video


Course outline:


  • Introduce participants to the importance of journalistic verification
  • Enable participants to identify false and misleading news
  • Familiarise participants with the latest technologies to detect false information
  • Introduce participants to Google’s main fact checking and news verification tools
  • Shed light on the dangers of fake news and misinformation and its impact on our daily work
  • Introduce participants to new social media policies on fake news and their impact on online news platforms


Target audience:


Media students, graduates and media professionals

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