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Mobile Journalism

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Abu Dhabi
24 - 27 Jan
4 days, including one day of outdoors filming
3 hours per day
Modern-day media organisations rely on all-round journalists who can write, shoot videos, and cover news live, all of which can be done with one tool - the smartphone. From script writing through to shooting, voiceover and editing, this course will empower students to harness the smartphone and produce complete reports.



  • Enable journalists and media students to produce professional reports that can be published on traditional and digital platforms with minimal capabilities
  • Develop storytelling skills to suit a diverse digital audience



Course outline:


  • How to produce a story for digital media
  • Shooting videos with mobile phones (frame rates and composition)
  • Top photography apps to turn your phone into a professional camera
  • Professional video editing using a mobile phone
  • The main applications needed for journalism
  • Tools that support video marketing on social media
  • Digital video templates
  • Broadcasting live on social media platforms


Target audience:


Media students, journalists, and media professionals

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