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Journalistic Digital Marketing course image
Journalistic Digital Marketing course image
5 - 9

Journalistic Digital Marketing

Walid Al-Laham
WithWalid Al-Laham
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Abu Dhabi
5 days
10 hours
Social media is a vital tool for sharing news content. This course will educate students on creating newsworthy pieces and how to optimize great content for social media channels. From identifying stories and angles, through to creating marketable digital content that secures high engagement, the course also covers headline writing and SEO, fact-checking programs and publishing techniques – all the elements required for optimal results.



-Educating journalists on the different stages of TV news and how to optimize content for social media.

-Providing journalists with the technical skills needed for digital transformation.

-Preparing media and journalism students for careers in the broader media field.



Course outline:


-Creating professional TV and digital content.

-News and visual content fact-checking.

-Choosing topics based on digital data.

-Key social rules on social media platforms.

-An introduction to intellectual property rules on social media.

-Content publishing through different social media channels, and how their algorithms work.

-How to maximise content views.

-A brief about key content creation programs and technologies for journalists.



Target audience:


-Media students

-Emerging journalists

-Social media managers in press organizations

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